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KAMIX boiler descaler has been on the market since 1994, and has seen enormous commercial success. It was initially produced mainly for the requirements of the industrial market, where it proved popular due to its unique properties, output, negligible corrosivity and last but not least its reasonable price. During this time it successfully completed certification processes at UDT, PZH and many other scientific research institutions.

We decided to repeat the success of the KAMIX preparation on the household chemistry market, so we began to package it so that individual customers could also discover and use this top quality product. Today our distributors are the largest chemical wholesalers, and we can also be found in Makro Cash and Carry, Geant and Kaufland supermarkets throughout Poland.

As the business has grown, we have expanded our range to include not only new household and industrial chemicals, but also descaling technologies and services for industrial installations.

Our priority remains providing industry with preparations of the highest quality. Another of our company's strengths is that it has an efficient distribution system based on regional offices and warehouses all over Poland. This means the products on offer are available immediately. We provide free delivery for larger purchases We also have distributors in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. We have a market presence in Belarus, Estonia and Latvia.


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