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Kamix - descaling An effective agent, which is safe for appliances and lets you deal with scale deposits, is something that every kitchen should have. Descaling not only significantly improves the functioning of appliances, it also extends their lifetime. KAMIX descaler 50g and 150g Descaling with the help of KAMIX is completely safe and effective. One major advantage of the agent we offer is that it can be used for cleaning a variety of household appliances - from espresso machines, through electric kettles, right up to shower cubicles. Below we present an example of how to prepare the solution and use it in the home.

Cleaning an espresso  Pour 50 grams of Kamix (powder) into approx. 1/2 litre of warm water and mix; pour the resulting solution into the espresso; switch the machine on (this will enable the cleaning agent to remove scale even in inaccessible places); once the descaling is complete and the liquid removed, rinse the espresso out three times with clean water.

Descaling electric and traditional kettles prepare about 750 ml of warm water (about 50C), then add 75 g of Kamix to it; let the kettle stand with the solution inside for approx. 30 minutes; after this time pour out the solution and rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning a toilet bowl to remove unsightly brown scale deposits, pour approx. 5 litres of warm water (50-70C) into the toilet bowl, and then add Kamix (150 grams); after adding the descaler, mix with a toilet brush and leave for approx. 3 hours; after this time rinse with water.

Descaling sinks Kamix preparation is mainly used to remove scale deposits from the tap fittings and around the plughole; to descale effectively, prepare the following solution: dissolve 50 grams of Kamix in 1 litre of warm water; soak a cloth in the resulting solution and then use it to remove all the traces of scale (remember to use special rubber gloves!).


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