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Chemical cleaning

Kamix - Chemical Cleaning Services

The history of Kamix is marked out by hundreds of chemical services carried out at heating companies, production plants and other customers. These have included giants from various branches of industry,such as Colgate-Palmolive, Danfoss, Gillette (Procter & Gamble), Dalkia, PGNiG Termika, Saint-Gobain, Polpharma SA and EDF. Collaborating with renowned manufacturers from all over the world has enabled us to get to know the needs of the market, and to prepare the comprehensive offer which we have included below.

Kamix clean industrial installations both in Poland and abroad. The company belongs to a narrow, elite group of commercial entities which can boast the authorisation of the Office of Technical Inspection (OTI) for cleaning central heating systems and condensers.

We also carry out comprehensive flushing of central heating systems and other industrial systems all over Poland as well as further afield. When descaling appliances which are subject to inspection, Kamix carries out the necessary, legally required procedure at the OTI on behalf of the owner. Regardless of whether a service involves flushing or descaling, we conduct it precisely and on time.

Our company laboratory plays its part in providing our services by testing samples of limescale and selecting the necessary chemicals. This enables us to guarantee the best results, individually matched to whatever industrial system you have, including central heating.

We provide professional:

  • Chemical cleaning and pickling of pressure devices:
    • steam fire tube boilers,
    • high temperature steam and water tube boilers,
    • high temperature water tube boilers,
    • steam generators,
  • Chemical cleaning of central heating (CH) systems:
    • low temperature upright water boilers,
    • JAD heat exchangers,
    • soldered and twisted plate heat exchangers.
    • hot water tanks.
  • Chemical cleaning of condensers and other cooling systems:
    • cooling unit evaporators,
    • injection evaporative condensers,
    • dry cooler condensers,
    • chiller condenser and evaporators,
    • shell-and-tube heat condensers
    • evaporation cooling towers,
    • cooling systems of injection moulding machines.

If you have any queries whatsoever concerning the service we provide, or the methods used in cleaning or flushing industrial or CH systems, feel free to get in touch.

DEPT. OF CHEMICAL CLEANING  OF PRESSURE DEVICES Alojzy Domieracki mob. 507 028 499



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