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Cleaning units

Cleaning units

We several types of cleaning unit for sale or hire, whose construction, materials and pumps used are suited to conditions for cleaning:

UCz-12 NEW!!!
a convenient and light unit designed for cleaning heat exchangers, dual function and condenser boilers, small hot water tanks;

UCz 3-4 MINI
designed for cleaning JAD and soldered plate heat exchangers, upright boilers, steam generators, hot water tanks and central heating systems;

UCz 3-4
designed for simultaneous cleaning of several JAD and soldered plate heat exchangers, and also upright boilers, steam generators, hot water tanks and central heating systems;

UCz 10-2
designed for cleaning JAD fittings in heat exchanger rooms, high-power plate exchangers, large boilers and central heating systems with large section capacity;

Special units
individual customer orders.

The units are made from completely chemical-resistant polypropylene B 200. A set of ball valves enables cleaning in any direction, reversal of the direction of circulation during cleaning, and also use of the pump to mix the solution. In the UCz 3-4 and UCz 10-2, a high-performance GRUNDFOS rotodynamic pump with stainless steel head is used to circulate the cleaning solution. Use of preparations by other producers may, due to their high corrosivity, result in damage to the pump. Although the KAMIX preparation works exceptionally quickly and effectively even at a low temperature, raising the temperature to 50-60 oC halves the cleaning time. This is why the devices are fitted with electric heating elements which allow the temperature of the cleaning solution to be kept constant.

The device enables:
fast and effective scale removal;
savings in time and energy;
a high standard of safety to be maintained during cleaning.
We offer you several types of cleaning units for sale or hire.

Because customers expect the price of the units to be as low as possible, the units offered have no extra fittings in their basic configuration. This has made it possible to reduce the price considerably while retaining the basic parameters which matter during chemical cleaning, i.e. the amount of solution flowing when it is raised to a given height. Our observations show that the units bought are most often used for chemical cleaning of heat exchangers or boilers. We therefore decided that a lack of heating elements along with the required apparatus does not increase the cleaning time, because the cleaning solution circulated can be heated by an exchanger with high parameters, or by activating burner if cleaning a boiler.

In this case, the basic versions of units are equipped with:
  • a base with reinforcing sections;
  • a mixing tank with a filter, lid and carrying handles;
  • an electric motor with heat protection;
  • a pump with heat protection;
  • fittings with cut-off valves;
  • an outlet with a cut-off valve;
  • a water level sensor with a cover, protecting the pump against dry runs.

We offer interested customers the possibility to configure the unit in any way by attaching specific additional features. In the event that the unit is intended for cleaning the circulation of water-based cooling apparatus, we recommend you install a system for heating the solution - heating elements and electrical control with safeguards.


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